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Internet Relay Chat Information For people using external IRC clients
Room: #gtsplus
IRC Client Link: irc://

*If you are a nusiance in chat, we might punish you on the site as well.
- No abuseable IRC scripts.
- No flaming/trolling.
- No flooding/spamming. This includes spamming people through chat PM.
- No ROMs/MP3s/Torrents/Warez/Porn/etc.
- No advertising for profit. This includes advertising through greetings or quit messages.
- No impersonating other members, ESPECIALLY staff.
- Sexual discussions are not allowed. Take them elsewhere. Quick jokes and remarks are allowed, but not in excess.
- Speak in English.
- No asking for egg descriptions/identification, items, or clicks on GPX+. That means asking for clicks in any form is not allowed. However, linking in chat is allowed.
- Do not alert people for the purpose of annoying them.
- Do not be highly disruptive by constantly attacking other people in the chat or bring in drama from other places.

- This is not an on-the-go FAQ. If you have a quick question, feel free to ask so long as you do not disrupt the current conversation. If you want a full tutorial then do not come in asking for one. The help page, forums, and Google are key.
- Please do not intentionally try to disrupt or derail the current conversation in IRC, it is considered rude.
- Establish yourself as a member of the chatroom before asking for trades. No one will be willing to trade with someone who only comes in asking for trades.
- Do not hesitate to alert an on-duty moderator about any current issues in chat. Our aim is to make IRC comfortable for everyone and even we cannot be attentive to chat 24/7, so we must rely on you to take ownership and report anything going wrong in chat: whether it's spammers, other members feeling/being harassed, or you personally feeling uncomfortable by the current line of conversation. Remember that we are here to make sure everyone is able to enjoy chat. You will never be punished for sending a report.
- You can alert a moderator by saying their full username. A chat moderator is anyone whose username is preceded by ~, &, @ or %. Users with a + next to their name are not chat moderators but can speak when the channel is muted. Like on the site and forums, do not ask to be made a chat mod. We will ask you if the need arises.
- WymsDrive is a chat bot run by Wymsy. Do not PM it because it will not respond to you.

Helpful Member Instructions
You can easily set your name in the chat by typing /nick [name] replacing [name] with the new name you wish to use. Note that you cannot use some characters in your name such as spaces.

Don't forget to register your name! Type /msg NickServ REGISTER [password] [email] replacing [password] with your password (any password you want; doesn't have to be your GTS+ password) and [email] with your email address.

Once you've registered your name, you can log into it everytime you go into the chat by typing /msg NickServ IDENTIFY [password] again replacing [password] with the password you used when registering it.

If you properly registered your screen name and you get disconnected from the chat and you can't get back on your name (if it gives you your name with a number at the end), this means that your name didn't properly log off. You can tell the chat to boot the name offline for you by typing /msg NickServ GHOST [screen name] [password] replacing the appropriate parts.
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