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GTS+'s 2nd Year Anniversary. - Permalink
Commander Wymsy Wednesday, July 1st 2009 @ 7:43 PM
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On this day, two years ago, the site was opened to the public. Amazing to see how much as changed from waaaaay back then and to see how many people we have now, huh?

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(1-July 09)
That's right, I joined a year ago and the site was much smaller. And now, well.. It has grown tremendously dumblook.gif (I wonder why)...

Happy 2nd year anniversary to site and admins woot.gif
(1-July 09)
Yay! Happy two year anniversary~
(1-July 09)
It was a fun time, even though I've only been here for about half of that time.
(2-July 09)
@Gati: XD Everybody loves pokemon!!! : DDD

I love the site, good work! <3<3<3
(2-July 09)
Yeah, I haven't been here very long, but happy aniversary! xD

It's a great job, and a lot of people have put a lot of work into it. Ya'll have done a great job. ^.^
(3-July 09)
Its definatly changed. Happy anniversary grin.gif
cookie lord pulser
(3-July 09)
2 years wow ive been here a year now and ive seen some big changes happy 2 year anneversiry
(6-July 09)
when is the next pokemon egg event and happy 2 year anniversary grin.gif
Damian Wayne
(8-July 09)
Happy 2 year grin.gif Love this site I bet its the best pokemon one made!!
(ove only been here like 3-4 months >>')
(10-July 09)
Not much has changed since I first joined (18 days ago), but still, congratulations, even though I don't know what's been improved! grin.gif
(12-July 09)
Happy two years! happy.gif
(13-July 09)
Im a new comer.
Im very glad to stay here and wish all of u happy.
(14-July 09)
Woot! I joined 2 months ago so i havent seen as much change as some people who have been here longer but still!
happy anniversery!
(15-July 09)
i only joined last night, but happy anniversary! *whispers* i wish i was here that long, id probably b as cool...*grins*
(15-July 09)
Happy 2 year anniversary. happy.gif
(15-July 09)
Happy anniversary!!! grin.gif
Mr Mars
(16-July 09)
Sweet! Congratz to staff! I'm a new-comer as well, although I can see that you have put a lot of work into it! Thank you for all you've done to keep this site addicting! o:
(17-July 09)
Sorry I'm a little late at posting, but:

Happy Two Years!!

(19-July 09)
Happy 2 year anniversary<3
I adore the site=)))
gallade of darkness
(26-July 09)
yay two years could be forever
7amod a5y 3zoz
(26-July 09)

(26-July 09)
(28-July 09)
Happy 2nd Anniversary. And thank you for the nice pages.
(1-August 09)
Congrats on 2 years guys!
(22-August 09)
wow im amazed of how long its been open... (even do i started a few months ago) congrats on 2 year anniversary grin.gif
(17-October 09)
Cool!! i had heard of this site 2 years ago, but never went to it
(18-October 09)
Yay! Happy 2 year anniversary! <3 I do remember when the site was smaller. I'm glad it's growing. happy.gif

I really like this site. I find the trading station quite useful, and GPX is very addicting with all the eggs to obtain and hatch.

Congrats for all the admins and staff on this site. ^.^

(8-November 09)
Yes in two years it's amazing I have to agree... I'm new but i love it! HAPPY TWO YEAR!!
(27-January 10)
happi aniversry i only joined monts ago but......
(27-January 10)
Lickitung is a cool pokemon
(27-March 10)
mon compte ne marche plus veuillez m aider s il vous plait ?merci commandant wimsy

(29-March 10)
Great job guys, you all deserve to continue to grow.
(24-April 10)
hello every body im the demonking
(28-April 10)
i like gpxpu
(15-May 10)
i love this website i just started and already have like 20 pokemon.
(1-July 10)
We have come a long way.
Dangerous Glaceon
(20-September 10)
hola soy nueva alguien acaso habla en espańolżżż
(3-October 10)
so what who cares
Stratospheric Confidence
(2-November 10)
Three years now. grin.gif
(14-November 10)
yay! <3
i haven't been all that long but yay anyways
(20-November 10)
HAPPY anniversary pokemon gpx
(20-November 10)
i have not even had a profile on this site for a year and i aredey have two legendarys.
(20-November 10)
i fond the legendarys in the shelter
Le Me
(3-December 10)
Lol just posting here because no-one has done for a year
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