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GTS+ Battle Frontier Now Open - Permalink
Commander Wymsy Wednesday, July 29th 2009 @ 9:16 PM
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Located just under the GTS+PL on the forum index, BlackIce is now head of a new section of the forums. The function of the Frontier differs from that of the League's. Its intent is to give people different styles of battle to choose from, in addition to being able to fight in the normal League still.

Happy battling.

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Comments (19) - Add a comment
yoyo hero
(3-August 09)
(3-August 09)
(11-August 09)
kool,this will be fun
(26-August 09)
hey how do you catch more pokemon
(30-September 09)
how do you go on it
(17-October 09)
yay tis is cool ^_^.gif
(8-November 09)

i cant wait to join!!
(21-November 09)
how do you get so many pokemon at the day
(7-January 10)
Will check it out ^^
oO SilverSoul Oo
(7-January 10)
How do we get there?
(23-January 10)
i wounder why......
(27-January 10)
another post how can i battle?
(27-January 10)
kool dis wil be fun ^_^.gif
(27-January 10)
i will chek it l8er loas of homwork
(14-March 10)
Sounds awesome! I'm in!
The Silv
(20-April 10)
How do we get there
(10-May 10)
murkrow is cool
(3-June 10)
sounds awesome. can't wait to try it.
(18-July 10)
Awsome! looks like somthing it would check out
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