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HeartGold and SoulSilver Sprites - Permalink
Commander Wymsy Saturday, September 12th 2009 @ 5:17 AM
Member's Avatar
I just finished uploading HGSS sprites to the GTS+ Gallery. They are for the front sprites and back sprites of all of the Pokémon.

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(12-September 09)
Well, you're a step ahead of Bulbapedia, then.
(12-September 09)
I think you outdid Serbii too.
(13-September 09)
and Serebii is hard to beat too
(13-September 09)

Are you gonna replace all the sprites on gpxplus?

Because there so much cooler happy.gif
(13-September 09)
Yeah, really. Have you seen Nidoking?! Epic.
(14-September 09)
Serebii already had them when he posted.
(14-September 09)
Some of them are terrible - like Jolteon and MewTwo...
But it still would be great if the sprites got updated, even though it is lots of work...
Something is Odd in Kanto
(14-September 09)
well if they did use HG/SS sprites for gpx it would just replace the pokemon that are created after the sprite is added. Like when the ralts egg changed it seemed to only affect newly bred eggs not those already in existence.
Illusione Tempus
(15-September 09)
Some HGSS sprites are cool, too bad Mewtwo and Jolteon are all messed up.
At least we got new sprites already, time for updated spriting
Darth Mewtwo
(16-September 09)
Mewtwo and Mew sprites= best EVAH!!!
(18-September 09)
I don't... Dislike the Mewtwo. The D/P/Pt sprites were much better. The Mew sprite is excellent, surpassed only by the Lg/Fr sprites so far.
But the Jolteon and Quilaza sprites make me want to strangle a baby. Maybe two.
(21-September 09)
From the few sprites I've seen, they are pretty good. Scyther is especially impressive. grin.gif
(22-September 09)
that's actually very cool! hope it comes out soon
(22-September 09)
I like them!
(23-September 09)
Great, but I also want overworld sprites here!
(26-September 09)
You should at least do some new novelties with the new HG/SS sprites.
(3-October 09)
Thanks for the upload. I wanted to see them badly. XD
(4-October 09)
I would like them so much more if they weren't so... static. With the sprites before, there was a line of action, but here they're generally just standing. Or sitting.

And seriously, what happened to poor Jolteon?!
(4-October 09)
waht happen to glaceon and the rast of evee evalotns
(5-October 09)
Charizard and Gengar are also pretty nice sprites.
(8-October 09)
I just wanted to comment on a few of these. Gengar looks nice, but seriously, what happened to Pnsir? And Flareon is in the same boring position as always. Jolteon nose looks odd, and Vaporeon's tail should be curled in! Not to mention, Feraligatr is horrible! Venusaur and Arcanine are probably my two favorite, and then Charizard isn't bad, not bad at all.
(10-October 09)
I want to see them.But I cant find them where are they?
(13-October 09)
cool some legendarys look awesome
(13-October 09)
does it have all the pokemon or just some
(16-October 09)
Are you going to be uploading the shiny icons still?
(17-October 09)
Some of the HG/SS Sprites r cool like BLastoise, but some like quilava just make me wanna go to to nintendo and yell out "NOO not my Fav Pokemon"
(17-October 09)
These are very impressive sprites. Some of them look just odd to me, but never the less I am counting on my fingers till Soul Silver comes out. grin.gif
(3-November 09)
um, actually, serebii was the first one to get all the sprites. it got updated like, 1 da after it came out in Japan or something...
(5-November 09)

Cyndaquil looks really TERRIBLE why did they do that to such an awesome Pokemon? ... D=
Fire Birch
(15-November 09)
Doesn't Bulbapedia already have the sprites? It's cool anyway!
(21-November 09)
Aww the Eevee one is cute! ^^
(21-November 09)
However, most of the eeveelutions seem off. Particularly Vaporeon because its tail is too straight. sad.gif
Professor Eucalyptus
(21-November 09)
I like most of these sprites, but some of them look kind of strange. Ahh, well. Thank you for uploading them!
(23-November 09)
i like HGSS spirits grin.gif
(28-November 09)
They made Jolteon look like a fuzzy lemon... Poor Jolteon.sad.gif
(1-December 09)
can i have a legendary pokemon egg?
(2-December 09)
can i have a legendary pokemon egg?
Sign Seven
(2-December 09)
ew I don't like the new sprites sad.gif
they made quilava so ugly...
(14-December 09)
Although some poses are weird, I believe that they did a wonderful job. grin.gif

cat.gif I really love the Eevee! (And several others, but too many to list.)
(23-January 10)
nice! i like it
(26-January 10)
:: Goes to check them out:: >.>
(27-January 10)
Too bad heart gold and soul silver only came out in japan and not in america.
(27-January 10)
gr8 i lyk HG/SS sprites better dan any oder games sprites
(27-January 10)
but mi second best sprites r Platinum cat.gif
(13-February 10)
Ripping sprites takes quite a lot of work. Awesome job! grin.gif

We'll get HeartGold/SoulSilver next month. Only a little bit more of a wait left! n_n
(21-February 10)
This is epic! Thanks, Wymsy.
(25-March 10)
I used a silver wing to get a lugia but I don't have and I'm still so steamed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Guest_ghostly gengar_*
(15-April 10)
Image gallery isn't updated with High-res pics of three pokemons from D/P. Darkrai,Shaymin and Arceus.
(19-April 10)
uhg sandslash and steelix are worse
(22-April 10)
(14-May 10)
have you seen pokemon black and white starts
(14-May 10)
pokemon black and white the fire and water starters are crap but the grass one is cool
Ultimate FlYg0n
(28-May 10)
I think Suicune looks pretty good.
Ultimate FlYg0n
(28-May 10)
For Guest_Mukrow I agree with u that da wata 1 is crap but fyer is awesome so is grass
(3-June 10)
I really don't mind many of the new sprites (though Jolteon does look a bit off... but then again, when have they ever done Jolteon right, except for DPPt?).
I haven't seen anyone complaining about Blastoise, though - the Blastoise sprite looks horrible!
(5-July 10)
Would It Be Possible If I Could get The Back Pokemon Sprites?
(21-July 10)
D'awwww. I love how Charizard looks. I hope if there's an update, Charizard clone gets a new look too. :'D
(5-October 10)
Keep up the lovely work!
Cookie Bytes
(12-December 10)
This place has been taken over by annoying guests.
Anyways, most of the HGSS sprites look OK.
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