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Five More Skins - Permalink
Commander Wymsy Thursday, December 24th 2009 @ 3:21 AM
Member's Avatar
I've finally finished the skins. These five new ones are Fighting (teal and red), Quick Ball (yellow and blue), Heal Ball (pink and yellow), Diamond/Pearl/Platinum (pale blue and pale pink), and HeartGold/SoulSilver (dark grey and gold).

I hope everybody enjoys them.

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Comments (41) - Add a comment
(24-December 09)
Awesome, I've been waiting for the Fight skin for like...ever!
It's also nice that all of the others are done happy.gif
(24-December 09)
HG/SS skin is pure win. I love the look. Gray and Gold are perfect with eachother. I sooo wish i could hire you for Skins XD.
(24-December 09)
I've been waiting for Fighting since I joined in August! And Linoone and Ninjask are defiantly suting for the Quickball.
Fire Birch
(27-December 09)
Awesome more Skins to try out!
(3-January 10)
Awesome! I adore the HGSS skin, the colors fit so well! You are such an amazing skin creator Wymsy!
(3-January 10)
Kewl i like them.
(3-January 10)
Cool grin.gif! I love the D/P/P, it's awsome! And the Heal Ball has some nice colours as well -^^-
Darth Vesuvius
(9-January 10)
HG/SS and D/P/Pt skins are pure win. I love the look. I sooo wish i could hire you for Skins XD.
At the Price of Oblivion
(17-January 10)
^^ i just luvs the Heal Ball, D/P/P, and HGSS! There just ALL WONDERFUL!!!
(18-January 10)
the skins are so cool!!!:D
(20-January 10)
cool! the heart gold and soul silver skin is awsome!
Fire Birch
(20-January 10)
I can't wait to use the Diamond/Pearl/Platinum Skin!~
Eternal Chaos
(22-January 10)
these skins are really awesome.
good job! grin.gif
(23-January 10)
awsome! its very coo
(23-January 10)
Thanks so much! I love them!
Emma Uchiha
(24-January 10)
Love, love, LOVE HG/SS skin. It looks so regal, and the header picture looks very nice. I'd been using the Zergoose skin because I loved that it was black with a contrasting color for details, but the gold/yellow shades that you used with it... EPIC. EPIIIIIC. grin.gif Plus, the Luxury Ball is my favorite Pokéball, so I'm loving that Favicon! Excellent work!
(27-January 10)
HG/SS is a gr8 game better dan gold and silver but there all equaly as good happy.gif
(27-January 10)
ive been w8ing 4 dis gr8 syt happy.gif
Silver Skarmory
(6-February 10)
I love the HGSS one!!!
(11-February 10)
There Actually Pretty Cool
(12-February 10)
The Diamond/Pearl/Platinum skin is pure awesomeness! =D
(13-February 10)
The heal ball skin is lovely. I'm definetly sticking to this (sorry purple skin)
(13-February 10)
I like these new changes.
(15-February 10)
Look's awesome, can't wait to try them out, thanks!
(20-February 10)
Loving the HGSS one!
(21-February 10)
HG\SS is amazing! I'm using it right now! good job man! good job!
(6-March 10)
U have to teach me how to make these skins!
(8-March 10)
I LOVE the Heal Ball skin, how do you make it?!
(31-March 10)
i havent got the skins yet!
Sociopathic Sherlock
(4-April 10)
That's awesome!!
(21-April 10)
Awesome, I love the Dusk Ball one
(13-May 10)
YAY i have been waiting for the Platinum/Pearl/diamond version FOREVER!!!!! it looks AWESOME grin.gif grin.gif grin.gif
Glitch of Missing No
(25-May 10)
wow! there awesome!!
(1-June 10)
love new skins
(9-June 10)
Can't wait to try out the new skins. Thanks guys. 8D
(18-July 10)
Awsome! I love the Dark skin escpecially grin.gif
(22-July 10)
Awsome new skins I like them all
(17-September 10)
Yay i like Poke ball happy.gif Thank Commander Wymsy!!
(17-September 10)
Love the skins; Fire is my favorite! grin.gif
Gallade and Gardevoir
(29-September 10)
You should make a skin with Gallade in it.
(14-December 10)
That's cool!
For me, the HG & SS skin is very cool!
But I prefer the Fire style.
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