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Zerxer Sunday, April 4th 2010 @ 5:57 PM
Member's Avatar
This page has been disabled for months due to an SQL issue but has finally been resolved.

I just wanted to post a site announcement about it since the main point of this site is in fact the trading system so it seems pretty bad that one of the core components of the system has been down for so long.

If you come across anything else in the offers/trades system that appears to be disabled or broken, go ahead and leave a comment here about it.

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Comments (37) - Add a comment
(5-April 10)
Hooray! Once I get HG, I can start trading again happy.gif
(5-April 10)
Will the image gallery be updated now?
(10-April 10)
And what's wrong with the image gallery?
(11-April 10)
No I just meant like the HG/SS Ken Sugamori art and that.. thats all I meant.. I love it (:
(11-April 10)
Sorry... just realised it has now.. so its all good (:
Guest_ghostly gengar_*
(15-April 10)
Image gallery isn't updated with High-res pics of three pokemons from D/P. Darkrai,Shaymin and Arceus.
(16-April 10)

arceus anime style pic
didn't get shaymin and darkrai
waiting for the update in image gallery
(16-April 10)
Please upload the High-res anime pictures of Darkrai, Shaymin and Arceus.
Guest_cyborg dino_*
(16-April 10)
site is good
Guest_cyborg dino_*
(16-April 10)
zorua and zoroark highres anime pictures pls
(16-April 10)
The method we used to get the high-res artwork that we have could not be used for the Pokémon that we're lacking the art for, or else we would have it by now.

This news post has nothing to do with the gallery anyways.
(7-May 10)
like gpxpuls becaus got pokemon and egg and evolshen ilkeket
(12-May 10)
i like gpxpuls pokemon evrting
(29-May 10)
Has this site stopped updating then? Because Id love for the Generation V pokemon to be uploaded!
(4-June 10)
hey every one go to my pokewalker and veiw it please help out shaddy741895
Guest_cyborg dino_*
(5-June 10)
7 pokemon revealed so far
tsutarja pokabu mijumaru zorua zoroark reshiram zekrom
site will upload it after the release of game?
Guest_mysterious man_*
(29-June 10)
if you need cheats this is a good web site for usa/eur/aus


hope it helps
Swampert rox
(5-July 10)
What about the forums? Whenever I try to go to them I get error messages.
(5-July 10)
Can I request your uploads of mail? I'm grateful for all that you've uploaded onto this site!!!
(13-July 10)
Is Celebi a good trade for an Arceus?
I am ltt
(12-August 10)
I don't know how to creat the pokemon. Who can tell me ?
Matthew McDermott
(13-August 10)
Pardon for the intrusion but...

Arceus for Celebi? Really? You might as well throw in a Mew. But in all honesty, it depends on you. I don't think it's a good trade.

Itt, what do you mean? Create pokemon? You mean the Trainer Shot/Sprite Makers? I believe there's a thread for that.
(23-August 10)
this site is closing?????????is it??????????
Guest_Mitre 04_*
(24-September 10)
Can someone trade me a Scythe with the technician ability Im new and dont have much to trade but I Looove Scyther it can be any level I just want the green machine...!!!
(3-October 10)
no one cares. people only use gpx
(6-November 10)
(12-November 10)

Trading this pokemon
(20-November 10)
big bidoof is asomwe
(26-November 10)
i want an egg. where do i get one
(13-December 10)
Can You all Help me warm my eggs please cat.gif and how to battle?Im a newbie here please help
(24-December 10)
Does anybody have kyogre
(24-December 10)
kyogre for zapdos anybodyor any other thing just want kyogre
(24-December 10)
luigispoked what do you want for the palkia spritomb?
(29-December 10)
WANTED: Espeon Lv 50+.... Offering Raikou Lv 40 (Freshly Caught). Online NOW.
(2-January 11)
does it have to be a over 50 espeon?
(3-January 11)
give me a mew and i will give you a pokemon back.
(9-January 11)
Anybody have a kyogre ?
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